Abella Danger – The Abella Danger Naked Truth Review

The abella Danger Naked Truth is a very exciting and fun little book by author Jocelyn Bell. The plot of this fun little read centers around a young girl named Abigail, who has been adopted by a wealthy family who wants to be rid of her; they also want to put her up for adoption, and in exchange, Abigail’s mom will give up her daughter’s life.

Abigail’s adoptive parents are a couple named Mary and Harry, and they are both dead beat, and spend their lives on the run. When Abigail is just six or seven years old, they kidnap Abigail to sell her into slavery. Abigail’s mom was a witch who used to work with Abigail’s father, but Abigail’s mom died, and Harry and Mary’s business collapsed. Mary is a bit of a hussy and a show-off, and she always wants to be the center of attention, while Harry is an introvert who spends most of his time reading and studying.

When Abigail’s adoptive parents finally decide to give up their daughter, Harry goes to Abigail’s foster home and finds her there, along with several other children and an assortment of animals including rats, squirrels, and turtles. After an argument about Harry’s poor treatment of the animals, Harry tells Abigail that he wants to buy the farm and build an apartment for himself, with the help of his mother and Abigail.

With her parents gone, Abigail has to look after herself until the money from the apartment is enough to buy the farm and raise the animals. Harry doesn’t have much money, so he needs the help of other people, especially women, to help him get things going. Abigail is able to help Harry out, and they quickly become good friends. While Harry is a bit on the shy side, Abigail is outgoing and fun to be around. They also share an interest in animals, and Abigail helps Harry learns about them.

Unfortunately, Abigail has more trouble than Harry with the animals, because of her lack of confidence in her own skills. Eventually, Harry and Mary decide to take her along on a trip to a circus so that she can improve her acting skills. Unfortunately, things don’t go well, and she is humiliated by the clown that is pretending to be a snake. a clown and gets thrown out.

Abigail gets herself a job, at a salon where she is the only receptionist. but it does not work out, and she finds herself on the street. A man on the street takes her in and saves her life by adopting her and letting her stay at his house.