The Ultimate Scent of Sensuality

The Abella Danger Sex Position, which has been the top-rated sex position for thousands of years, has a fresh twist today with the introduction of this highly popular and sensual Abella Danger Sex Doll. The doll is made of soft, realistic skin and is completely realistic as well, including her mouth, face, breasts, legs, buttocks and genitals. From the top entrance that grabs your man’s penis with its strong jaws and pumps him in for an exciting sexual whirlwind, to her amazing titillating and pleasurable stimulation points throughout the vagina and deliver constant orgasmic pleasure to your woman, Danger is the true personification of Abella’s sensual parts.

When you are ready to explore her sensual body, take her from the Abella Danger Sex Doll in to the bedroom. In her G-string underwear, place her on your bed and take a luxurious ride. G-string panties are especially designed with a smooth texture, giving you the ultimate in comfort while allowing you to glide smoothly along her smooth skin. Place her leg up and over your lap, using your hands to gently stroke her smooth, sensuous thighs, as you slowly slide her lower thighs along your thighs. You may also use your fingers to gently trace her sensual curves, as she moans and writhes against your touch.

While stimulating her, make sure that your tongue remains loose so that you are able to gently stimulate her clitoris and stimulate her sexual energy. Use soft kisses to explore her sensitive places, including her breasts, neck, belly button and nipples. You may even wish to play a few games with your tongue in the G-string as you gently tease and stimulate her body.

When it is time to stimulate the vagina, you will need to place the Abella Danger Sex Doll over her vagina and gently press down on the G-string. As you slide along her vaginal walls, you will notice that her G-string slides freely with the flow of your fingers. This is very erotic and sensual, but be careful not to hurt your girl, as she may start screaming or whimpering as you hit the G-string too hard. !

Abella Danger is designed to give her the ultimate in pleasure. She is a soft, warm, pliable, sensual body that will keep her engaged for hours and bring her to orgasm after orgasm. Her body and face are made to look and feel completely real, and realistic. You can touch her mouth, breasts, nipples, vagina and clitoris with ease, and enjoy the feeling of her warm, moistness as you explore her sensuality with your fingers. !

When you are ready to explore her sensuality, Abella Danger is definitely the best partner for you! !