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This morning, Brittany Elizabeth posted another video for our viewing pleasure. This time, she gave her fans something to look forward to… another round of minLegal Porn featuring her in all her glory. This time around, she went nuts, posting four parts in a row and covering nearly every minute of the video. If you missed any of the earlier videos, don’t worry, because you can always go back and watch them in your leisure time.

The new clips included “Pimps”, “Cougars”, “A Couple”, “Horny”, “Hard Core”, “Possession”, and finally, the most talked about one so far… the newest video! entitled “Possession”. In this video, Brittany Elizabeth pleads her case that her ex-boyfriend was stealing her property and breaking into her home. The court heard that after months of being stalked, her cat clawed out the back window of her ex-boyfriend’s car and caused him to get arrested. The court heard that because of the damage to the car and the ex-boyfriend’s wallet, they have been ordered to pay her over four thousand dollars in damages.

You can tell that Brittany Elizabeth has not put on her show for nothing. The previous clips were quite lengthy, but this one barely ten minutes long and has only received a few lines from those watching. This is probably because of the quality which is quite low, which is unfortunate because this girl deserves a lot more than just a few 360p clips on her vlog.