Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Beverly Barton

A release from the makers of the popular ‘Resident Evil’, Resident Evil Extinction is a high octane, fast-moving game with good old fashioned gun shooting. A well done zombie styled cut scene follows a squad of evil scientists who escape from a prison in Washington D.C. The escape team is comprised of two sexy nurses and a bad guy who have psychic powers. This game has excellent gun shooting action as the enemies are very difficult to beat.

Hotfallingdevil is a lesbian dating simulation video game and is currently available for HTC Android phones. I have to say this game is not actually for straight people because it has a very graphic blood spewing action scene (although it’s not too graphic to be enjoyed by adults). Hotfallingdevil has a story that is told through a series of text messages between two women. I did enjoy the text messages in general and liked how they were written in a very intimate way but I felt that it lacked content for the more mature audiences.

The story revolves around the two hot girls in Hotfallingdevil, Chaturbate and Summer. They are in college and get to spend some time in each other’s company when things get heated between them. After some flirting they are interrupted by a group of terrorists that want to shoot them. When the terrorists leave they go to another room and find that it is filled with acid. They get scared and run out of the building only to find that Chaturbate has gone to the bathroom.

Chaturbate somehow manages to wake up in the infirmary while Summer and Hot Falls go to find a doctor. In the meantime, Chaturbate’s cybernetic arm has grown attached to the back of Summer’s head. Once the doctors to see what is going on they figure out that it is a bio-cable that was attached to the hot water tank, which means that it can not be removed. The next thing they find out is that Hot falls has transformed into a monster due to an attack caused by a werewolf virus.

From here the story begins in a near future in which a group of researchers are trying to develop a Biotope Rejuvenation Device. One of the researchers has become very attached to Hotfalls because she reminds him of his deceased love. A panic attack causes him to leap into the tank and becomes one of the many volunteers who are injected with Biotopes in order to increase their strength and youth. Unfortunately this causes Hotfallingdevil to fall in love with Chaturbate again.

I enjoyed this story because it is very interesting and offers a different angle on the Hotfalling devils. It shows us a side of Hot that few other writers are able to do and also touches on issues that many other writers neglect to address such as long distance relationships and how easy it is to fall in love. I also liked that the author was not afraid to mix romance and comedy and that the ending was unexpected but satisfying. Overall I am a “hot dog” for this series and am eagerly anticipating the second book in the series. Please consider all this.