Creating Your Own Loona Scents From Scents In Your Home

Loona Scandi is an adorable Finnish amateur camgirl. Loona is a thin, 5′ 5″, blonde girl from Finland. She says she was once a dancer in a hip-hop club but now she spends her free time making homemade scented candles and designing jewelry. You’ll be able to see her bright eyes behind her cute little smile in any of her photos posted on MySpace. She also enjoys being the center of online photo shoots and says she loves to make people laugh while they look at her.

Loona began her journey into making videos when she was still in high school aged. She posted one on her social networking site and before long her popularity grew. She has since posted hundreds of videos, all featuring various aspects of making handmade candles. These are all available for you to watch in the comfort of your own home. There is no way anyone could mistake Loona for someone who actually makes candles professionally.

In one of her videos, Loona describes the supplies that you will need for this particular craft. The supplies consist of a container in which to base your candle, a bowl to hold the wax, a clear glass jar with a hole in the top, some beeswax or soy oil, and essential oils. If you choose to use beeswax, you will want to melt it in your microwave for about thirty seconds. Then, you simply pour the melted wax into your jar, cover it with the glass jar, and insert the other end of the beeswax spout into your clear glass jar. Now your candle is ready to pour and drizzle.

Loona says that candles can be very messy if not made correctly. Therefore, she advises, “Do not try to do this without reading the instructions carefully.” If you do not want to mess up your work area, it is suggested that you purchase instructions or watch a video to make sure you get it right. You also might want to read through some of Loona’s other videos, such as “How to Make Candles,” “Candy Making,” and “Meading.”

As far as what scent you will be using with Loona Scandi, you will not be disappointed. Her scented candles are sold separately so that you can pick out your own combinations. There are several very popular scent choices, including fruity like pineapple or grapefruit, floral like jasmine, and spicy like Cayenne pepper. If you are looking for something more unusual or unique, however, you might want to purchase some of Loona’s “Mystery Fragrances,” which consist of flower-infused aromas that each have their own different scent, such as jasmine, Mandarin, and lilac.

Once you have decided to make your own candles, whether they will be scented or not, you will find that making them from Loona Scented Candles is easy. All you need are the essential tools and supplies, and you can make plenty in a short period of time. The instructions included are easy to follow and make using common household tools, so even those who have little experience with home candle making will be able to complete this project with minimal assistance.